Your intention to donate to the charity is valuable to this center, which works to care for injured animals and help improve their living conditions. This center intends to meet the daily needs of the animals housed in the center, including nutrition, health, etc., with the help of you dear ones who want to help and do good deeds, to provide the best care for the animals covered by the center. May be followed and their health followed until complete recovery. These items include the following:

1) Medication 2) Detergents 3) Low fat yogurt 4) Vitex 5) Dishwashing liquid 6) Laundry detergent

7) Baby powder 8) Baby shampoo 9) Chlorine hexadine mouthwash 10) Three and five ml syringe 12) broom

11) Large and medium thick garbage bags 13) Latex gloves 14) Rice and chicken 15) Dry food 16) Sterile gas

The mentioned items are among the constant needs of this center, which we hope will be provided with the care of God Almighty and you, dear benefactors who intend to help charity.

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