Maryam Sanei: The story of protecting injured animals began in 1989, in Mazandaran, where we decided to fulfill our mission of helping God’s creatures, those who have no helpers and hope for human beings to help them. کردن. For people in need and with disabilities, there are many individuals and institutions that do this, and while supporting them, we feel obligated to care for and support injured, disabled, and cancerous animals. According to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we do not belong to any party, group, faction or ideology, no governmental or non-governmental institution or organization supports us and we do not, and we only do so with the support of the people. It is important for us only to alleviate the pain of these creatures of God and to help them live a better life, which we have always strived to achieve.

Convalescent social network

Maryam Sanei, a convalescent home for disabled animals, started its activities on social networks with the sympathetic partners in order to support injured and disabled animals, with the aim of publishing the activities, pictures and videos of disabled and crashed animals. The people who work in the collection all do their work with love. The collection tries to create a way for animal lovers to connect with the collection by announcing the financial and supportive needs of people on its Instagram page. The purpose of creating these pages is to facilitate access and information of animal lovers about the events and happenings that take place in the collection. By following our Instagram pages, you will be informed about all the events of the collection and all the requirements. To access the address of our Instagram page, you can refer to the bottom of the site.


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