“How many living beings who can not bear their sustenance, it is God who sustains them and you, and He is the Hearer, the Wise.”

(Holy Quran, Surah Al-Furqan, verse 49)

The story of the animal recovery began in 1989, in Mazandaran, when we decided to fulfill the mission that we considered obligatory on ourselves, which is to help God’s creatures, those who have no helpers and whose eyes are on human beings to help them.

For people in need and with disabilities, there are many individuals and institutions that do this, and while supporting them, we feel obligated to care for and protect injured, disabled and cancerous animals. According to the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we do not belong to any party, group, faction or ideology, no governmental or non-governmental institutions or organizations support us, and we do not, and we only support the people. For us, it is only important to alleviate the pain of these creatures of God and help them live a better life, which we have always tried to achieve. We have gone where it is needed, we have asked for help wherever it is needed, and we will do so in the hope that we will alleviate the problems for them.

I have devoted most of my life to supporting and caring for disabled and sick animals, and I will continue to do so as long as I can, as long as the good and generous people of my country support me. I try and cover more animals. The work and financial balance of the convalescent home is clear and can be provided to those who wish to be informed about the details. The door of the convalescent home is always open to visitors, and people can help these creatures with cash and non-cash donations. We extend a helping hand to all the people of this planet, regardless of race, religion or profession, and we want them to help, regardless of any way of thinking, that the world be a better place for all of God’s creatures to live, Hope the world is a more beautiful place for all of us to live. We hope that your indescribable love and generosity will return to you in the best, most and soonest possible way by God. Be kind to the people of the earth so that the people of heaven will be kind to you.
The Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (AS), says:
Observe the piety of God for your servants and your lands. So it is true that you are responsible even for beacons and animals.

Maryam Sanei Recovery Animal Disabled

At the Animal Shelter, our daily story begins at sunrise, with staff visiting each of the children and beginning to clean the wards, wash the children themselves, and prepare their breakfast. The medical, treatment and daily schedule of all the children is written. We start working. After eating breakfast and cleaning them and washing their dishes, our staff goes to rest for an hour and then the children’s treatment begins. Disabled dogs, those who can go in a wheelchair to walk a little, healthier children, take turns outside for a breath, those who need to take their medicine or have a headache, go to the pharmacy for medical work, and others are checked for their condition and wounds. . It is noon and it is time for the children to have lunch, depending on whether we have charity or not or dry food that day, the children plan for the food of the disabled and healthy children and then, as always, clean after the meal and wash their dishes!

Near sunset, we give dinner to the children and do their work so that they can sleep comfortably! This program is a normal day, if it is Friday that we have guests, the situation is different!

The doctor comes twice a month and checks all the children, we are much busier that day, we stayed up all night on one of the children’s heads! We did not have anyone for many nights and we did everything in two or three people, very much until the morning, we took the children together and cried with them, and many times we laughed from the bottom of our hearts when they got well and refreshed. Rain and snow or heat and cold, moneylessness and problems did not cause any damage to the promise we made to ourselves and you.
We are always at work, if we are not physically in the convalescent home, we have the children’s air with CCTV cameras, neither Eid nor Friday and holidays, we are your trustees and we know the value of this trust that we have entrusted to you as much as we can. We are mom to be you!

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